Can I use a will kit instead of a lawyer?

by Albion Law Group on September 3, 2013

in Wills

Will Kits are printed or online wills forms typically sold at drug stores and office supply stores. They are cheap to buy and take less time to complete than a will from a lawyer. For some people with very simple financial circumstances, a Will Kit will be better than no will at all. If you have very straightforward wishes, very simple financial circumstances, and little in the way of assets you might be ok.

If your circumstances are a little more involved—if you have investments, property, family or specific intentions—we think it’s best to avoid Will Kits. If you need to go beyond very basic planning in your will, a kit will often fail to accommodate your intentions. Will Kits must meet the same strict rules as other wills. If you don’t meet all the relevant requirements, the will may be partially or completely invalid.

That’s why we recommend using a lawyer to prepare a will for you: it’s the safest route to ensure your intentions are accurately represented and executed.