What is an executor of a will?

by Albion Law Group on September 7, 2013

in Wills

When creating your will with a member of the ALG team, you will be asked to nominate an executor for your will. An executor is a person named in the will to carry out the instructions in the will. They must a person of sound mind who is over the age of 18.

An executor needs to undertake a number of tasks, even for relatively simple wills. These include:

  • File a number of legal forms
  • Sort out taxes
  • Collect money from any life insurance
  • Pay off any debts

If your will is more complex, it mightmake sense to pay a professional, such as a lawyer, to be the executor. If you can’t afford a lawyer, it’s best to ask someone close to you who would be willing to undertake these tasks.

You can also choose more than one person and have co-executors, and it’s worth thinking about who to name as a back-up executor in case your first choice can’t do the job.